Having Stephan Mathys Speak to Your Group Is Like Bringing In an Interpreter Who Understands Both Languages.

The main issue most quants have with communication is they speak their own language – that almost nobody else in the world outside of their profession understands. That becomes a problem when these brilliant folks who are all about the data have to communicate with the outside world.

Not only is Stephan a card-carrying and experienced actuary, he is also an accomplished writer and communicator. He speaks the language of data, metrics, and technical jargon and knows how to translate that into the language that everyone else needs to be able to understand what that information means.

“Stephan connects with his audience in a way most speakers don’t because you can clearly see he really gets them. Even the fun parts and little jokes he told were relevant and the audience enjoyed the presentation immensely. Everyone left with a solid understanding of what to do and how to improve their communication skills. He delivered awesome value to our group. Great speaker!” – Felicia Slattery, Networking Today International Member, Knoxville, Tennessee

It’s Not About the Data: The Other Half Of Communication

This is a full-day workshop giving quantitative professionals (data scientists, actuaries, and engineers, to name a few) hands-on practice with 12 different communication strategies based on high-quality literary principles outlined in It’s Not About the Data, a 36-page PDF eBook outlining those 12 strategies.

Designed to increase effectiveness, reduce communication hassles, and give practical application from a left-brain friendly point of view.

Ideal audience: Professionals working with and presenting data, who must speak to non-data professionals regularly. They need to know ways to make their communications more accessible to a non-data audience, and this workshop will give practical strategies for effective communication.

Luke or Obi-Wan? How to Use The Hero’s Journey To Create Compelling Communications

Participants will see the Hero’s Journey in a new light, and learn how to correctly position themselves as the guide, not the hero, in order to facilitate targeted decision-making.

This 1/2 day workshop will explain the Hero’s Journey and lead the audience through a practicum on how to restate communications such that they are not the hero, but the guide.

Ideal audience: Managers and executives who need to convince employees, senior executives, regulators, and business partners of the value of their ideas, without resorting to manipulation, deception, or false promises.