Welcome! Here you’ll find a list of all the various services I provide. First, a quick summary of how this is laid out:

Content Creation

What I create for you, i.e. what I create on your behalf according to your requirements and with your guidance.

Workshops & Consulting

How I work with you. That is, how I can help you to become better communicators.

Self-Directed Learning

Resources I make available to you so that you can proceed at your own pace.

Content Creation


It’s Not About the Data: Communication Strategies for Quantitative Professionals

  • This workshop can be customized for a lunch and learn session, a half-day or full-day training with hands-on workshop time. Attendees will discover:
  • The biggest challenge quants have with communicating their message and how to overcome it
  • 3 quick and effective tips to more persuasive writing – getting those who don’t speak your language to say YES to your requests
  • How to write so others will want to read what you’ve prepared
  • Writing from the WIIFM perspective to get your message across every time
  • Why thinking back to middle school can help quants create effective communication
  • And so much more!

Communication Coaching & Consulting:

Becoming a better communicator is simply a matter of focus under the right guidance. Because I am someone like you, I fully get how people like us think. I also have cracked the code on how to overcome the major hurtles in the way for smart, quantitative professionals to communicate effectively, and can help you become a better leader, a more effective manager of people, and all-around stronger team player for your organization and department.

We do this privately, just the two of us, completely confidentially, using a virtual meeting, so no one will ever know what you’re up to unless you tell them. But what they will notice is the shifts you make in your communication. Doing this can even improve your chances of getting that raise or promotion you’ve had your eye on!

Let’s talk about your issues and challenges and see if we’re a good fit to work together – totally no obligation. It’s just an easy, exploratory conversation between two colleagues. Click the red button to send me your info and get started:

Consulting Engagements

Communication Review

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your written and oral communications and publications (internal and external). Evaluating the differences between what you think you’re saying, and what you actually are.
  • Includes 2 days of on-site interviews and audits of e-mail, instant messages, autoresponders, marketing materials, reports, presentations, and other
  • Output is a written report highlighting what is going well and what falls short compared to effective communication benchmarks.

Communication Re-Orientation


Please note, it is recommended to have completed a Communication Review first.

  • The Communication Re-Orientation will be a comprehensive plan for how to recover from communication illnesses plaguing your organization. Each prescription will be unique and dictated by the needs of the organization.
  • Includes minimum 3 visits on-site to discuss various solutions and implementation of plans.

Your Self-Directed Learning

The Handbook of Content Marketing

This guide gives you my perspective on 22 different types of content to create for your business, as well as the 6-step Content Marketing guide, and the SECRET TRUTH about Content Marketing THEY don’t want you to hear!

How to Write A Book: FREE templates to guide you through writing a book (you need to provide your e-mail address in order to get the download). Options include:

  • Business Book
  • Memoir
  • Novel


For many quantitative professionals, writing is one of the least interesting things you do, but it’s one of the most important because it’s how you get the information across to those who need it. Your writing is quite literally how things get done.

In this unique, roll-up-your-sleeves-and get-it-done group, you will spend focused time doing just that. You’ll have the appointment on your calendar. And you’ll have support and feedback from the community when you need it.

Listen, you don’t want your boss being the first one ever to read your reports and blowing holes in it. And if you’ve got your own business, no client or potential customer is going to tell you your writing needs work. A confused mind never buys. They’ll just go away and you’ll never know about it.

Join our community of smart folks who focus on doing the work together and getting crucial feedback – all in a safe, virtual space.

That’s why you’ll love this group.

Sound cool? It is. Click the red button to learn more.