On this page you can find a few samples of direct-mail fundraising letters and other writing. For insights into how I think, I’ve provide some commentary at the beginning of most of these pages.


Fundraising Letters

Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation [via Gabriel Group] (1 of 2) – the Foundation provides scholarships and leadership training to undergraduate members of the fraternity.

Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation [via Gabriel Group] (2 of 2)

Maryville_University – appeal to Homecoming attendees

Pedal the Cause – my own St. Louis cancer research fundraiser

St. Louis Poetry Center – a spec project to introduce an arts-supportive audience to the Poetry Center

St. Louis Area Foodbank – a spec project to solicit new donors


Blog posts

St. Louis Poetry Center (1) – a monthly communication to supporters; a spec post

St. Louis Poetry Center (2) – a second communication; also spec

St. Louis Pet Rescue – a sample regular update to those who are involved with the rescue


“Thank You” Autoresponder

Pedal the Cause


Direct Mail Package

I created a spec package for Catholic Charities of Tennessee, to highlight connections between the following:

My commentary on this package: Stories included are composites, built from research from the website. I wish I had the opportunity to speak to clients directly in order to get testimonials and background. Additionally, I did not provide any sample outer envelope or premium/freemium consideration, as those should be decided in consultation with the client and tie specifically to a campaign.


Website Content

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