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Case Studies

Brewing Can Line Expansion (via Atomic Revenue)

Data Science / Software Engineering


Blog posts

Ease Recall Stress & Improve Inventory Management with a Track & Trace System  (via Atomic Revenue)

The Necessity of Proactive Upgrades to Your Control Systems (via Atomic Revenue)


Articles (self)

GIGO is a Sure Thing. The Converse – QIQO – Is Nowhere Close


Insurance / Actuarial

White Paper

Wisdom (?) Of The Crowd; Society of Actuaries Forecasting & Futurism Contest Winner

Blog Posts

What is a Model?

Good Actuarial Model Documentation Practices


Direct Appeals

Maryville_University – appeal to Homecoming attendees

Pedal the Cause – my own St. Louis cancer research fundraiser

In Defense of Animals – Direct mail campaign

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy – Direct mail campaign

Grant Writing – Letter of Inquiry

Spirit_of_Discovery_Park_Gateway_Foundation; Letter written to a local foundation. Though the foundation typically focuses on art-related installments in the region, they approved the request to submit the full grant application, due to the clear need and viable partnership options demonstrated.


Blog Articles – Fundraising Practice (self)

Nonprofits Don’t Have a Donor Retention Problem, They Have a Donor “Retention” Problem

Hey Nonprofits! Why Aren’t You Spending More on Fundraising?


The Business Of Business

Blog Articles (self)

Why “Those Who Can’t, Teach” is a Terrible Saying, and How to Fix It

Stop Saying “Thank You”

Best Rejection Ever ?!?!