Working as a copywriter I get the opportunity to discover great nonprofits doing great things. Occasionally I will share some with you, for two purposes:

  • I’ll raise some awareness of the organization and provide it some additional exposure, and
  • I’ll get practice at writing, giving me a chance to use different styles and creative techniques from traditional fundraising.

Today I’m sharing a profile of St. Louis Pet Rescue (STLPR), which is a foster-only animal rescue organization run by volunteers.




Foster-only               There is no permanent facility. That’s because the goal is to get animals out of shelters and into foster homes, where they can be acclimated to living with humans. Although there is a desire to someday have a place where people who are unable to care for their pets can drop them off instead of abandoning them, even that would be a temporary step on the journey through foster care to adoption.

Animal Rescue        STLPR adopts dogs and cats from shelters around the St. Louis area. These animals would otherwise be subject to space regulations, time limits, and/or adoptability problems and would be killed.

Volunteers                There are no paid employees. Everyone is a volunteer. There are foster owners who are helping to socialize and volunteers who staff adoption events on weekends at PetCo. And there are young students who post flyers on community bulletin boards. In all, hundreds of people in the St. Louis area generously give their time to making STLPR a positive, welcoming organization doing much good for the animals needing love in the community.

Plus, they partner with nearly two dozen veterinarians and animal shelters in the area, for supplies and emergency placement until foster care can be arranged. This means they’re not flying solo – they have a wide network of support.




STLPR earned Second Place in the 2017 Rescue Bank Stories Contest, for the most compelling story submitted on behalf of Deacon.

And Great Nonprofits, a nationwide organization evaluating the fitness of nonprofits across the spectrum, recognized STLPR as a 2017 Top-Rated Nonprofit. STLPR was one of only 4 animal-related Missouri nonprofits to receive this award.





Why do I like them?           First, they’re local. They are all around – my neighbor fosters dogs with them and therefore I can see that they’re really doing what they promote, and they’re improving their own communities in the process.

Second, they’re all-volunteer. There are good and bad elements to that. Good in that it costs less, bad in that there’s less accountability and less incentive to make sure things get done. But it’s clear from the stats on the Great Nonprofits that there is a lot of good being done (over 500 adoptions in the past year), even if they’re not bragging about it.

Finally, they know their mission, and they’re working it. They don’t pretend that they’re going to get involved with lobbying, or protesting to end current shelter practices, or embarking on a shame campaign to try and end the practice of abandonment. They do one thing (foster animals out of shelters) and they do it well.

How you can help.              For more information, check out their website. If you’re in the St. Louis area, volunteer or adopt. Or visit an outreach event at the PetCo in Fenton on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. No matter where you are, you can donate. Or, you can share this post with your own network to get the word out.


I hope you have been as encouraged as I am to find out about a quality organization like St. Louis Pet Rescue. May we all continue to be well by doing good.

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