How to Improve Your Communications And Create the Story Your Data Tells

If you’re finding yourself having difficulty getting others who are not left-brain professionals to understand just what the data means, when the conclusions are completely obvious to you, you might have a problem.

In It’s Not About the Data, you’ll discover 12 communication strategies for left-brained professionals. If that’s you, pick this up and get:

  • Input Strategies with ways for you to ensure you’re getting the right kind of information in to your work product, in the same way as you ensure you get the right kind of data for your model
  • Output Strategies with ways for you to ensure you’re speaking appropriately to your audience, whether that’s through the written word (memos, e-mails, reports, or marketing communications like blogs and case studies) and verbal channels.
  • Examples and illustrations to help you model exactly what you need to do to be successful
  • And so much more!

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