headshot_01Hi. I’m Stephan. 

Glad you found this page. Take a seat, learn a little about me, and then let me know how I can help.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

I am a direct-response copywriter first and foremost. That means I first specialized in those timeless “junk mail” classics that nobody admits to reading, but are a staple of nonprofit fundraising efforts.

But that’s not all I do. I also serve small person-to-person businesses like life coaches, counselors, health coaches, chiropractors, and physicians who interact with clients on a face-to-face basis.

I provide copy for websites (About Me pages, campaign landing pages, product benefit scripts), newsletters, blog posts, grant writing, autoresponders, e-mail campaigns, and more. If you need something with more than 3 words in it, let’s talk.

Why nonprofits? Because I believe in the mission more than the money. I could write for just about any organization and make it sound nice, but if I focus on nonprofits that are interested in making the community better, that are saving animals and natural spaces, that are supporting arts and artists, then I will know that I’m leaving the world better than I found it.

In order to keep abreast of best practices in the nonprofit world, I am a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. This means I’ll adhere to the Code of Ethical Standards and Principles in everything I do.

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And why person-to-person businesses? Because these are the women and men who are transforming lives. They’re on the forefront of helping their clients to live more intentionally, enjoy their time and their relationships, and leave a legacy they can be proud of. They do the dirty work to heal emotional wounds, and having experienced my own I know the valuable service these people are performing for our community.


Aren’t those really different niches?

Actually, no. They’re both making the community better one life at a time. They both have a higher purpose than just making a big ol’ profit at the end of a quarter. And they both require far more specialized education than I currently have or am willing to get! So in order to be a part of that good work, I help them by telling their story in the most compelling way possible.


I know that sounds great, but you should be wondering if I’m qualified to do this.

Of course. I am AWAI Verified, which means that I have

grasped the concepts of writing sales-generating copy, such as …

  • The proven principles of effective headlines, leads, full sales letters, emails and more.
  • How to instantly grab attention, connect with prospects, and drive ACTION — whether it’s to order a product, request more information, or donate to a charity.
  • How masterful copywriting can make a massive difference in marketing success.

My experience prior to copywriting includes two years teaching mathematics to elementary students and sixteen years working as an actuary. I know my way around a database. My professional history includes data segmentation, analysis, and presentation, so if you need insight on the best way to view customer data I’m happy to help. Together we can find the right message for each unique audience, ensuring that

I have completed product development, process improvement, and implementation projects, as well as finding all the little nits to pick along the way. You can count on my thoroughness, quality, and intuition to help you get the most out of your copy.


Oh yeah? Prove it:


1995 – Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award, Triway High School, Wooster, OH

1999 – Wabash College Glee Club Leadership Award, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN

2003 – Best Use of Computers, Antiquity in Their Midst, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest

2007 – 2nd Best Overall, Condemnation of Fate, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest

2011 – Best Application of Forecasting & Futurism Methods, The What Ifs, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest

2013 – Most Interesting Actuarial Career of the Future, Calibration, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest

2013 – Best Application of Forecasting & Futurism Methods, Calibration, Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest

2015 – Winner, Wisdom (?) of the Crowd, 2014 Forecasting & Futurism Contest, Society of Actuaries

2015 – Parasite Publications Character Award scholarship, Odyssey Writing Workshop, Mount Vernon, NH



“I really like your work. And I don’t like anything!”

 –Mike Spakowski, Atomic Dust, St. Louis, MO